The T-Shirt!


To give you an insight in how it works: one of the goals of our trip is to meet starting designers & entrepreneurs and help them with the startup of their project, sharing our knowledge and giving advice. Often these meetings are a matter of chance, and not something we arranged before we left from the Netherlands. We met Eric in Kenya, Mark and Alex on Zanzibar and in Indonesia we ran into Arthur, who is our co-lecturer for the Human Centered Design course we currently teach at the local technical university.

Arthur also has a dream: to start a teaching program in the remote islands of the shore of North Sulawesi. Next to being a lecturer on the technical university Arthur is also a designer and an entrepreneur, full of new ideas. He dares to be different, driving around in Tomohon on his vintage Vespa that runs on bio-fuel made from the local sugar-water. He is really trying to make a difference in his local community. Together with Julian who owns a silkscreenpress and a DJ-set, they already print t-shirts and organize parties to get the necessary funding for Arthurs plans, but this is going slow. So we decided to help them with their business plans to speed up the process!

We are currently helping them to improve their website, share different tips and tools for design and entrepreneurship with them and all of this accompanied by good Indonesian food and local beers. And today we will make our collaboration official by launching our new T-shirt line with them!

The AmIaDesigner t-shirts will be available in the Netherlands in 3 months time. Sorry, it really takes that long to ship them to the Netherlands. The shirts will cost 20 euros, of which 5 euro goes to Arthur and Julian for the production of the T-shirts and Arthurs plans for teaching at the remote islands. 5 euros goes to shipping the T-shirts to the Netherlands and the other 10 euros are donated to the Masarang Foundation and will be used to make Willie Smits ideas for a more sustainable future in Indonesia a reality.

Donate you 20 euros by transferring 20 euro’s to ABN-AMRO: in the name of Students4Sustainability stating ‘Am I a Designer’ + [info consigner]. The S4S foundation has an ANBI status which makes your donation tax-deductible in the Netherlands.

Also send an email to: to confirm your donation and so we know how many T-shirts we should ship. Don’t forget to mention in this email your name, size – you can choose between S, M, L and XL, the amount of t-shirts you want to order and whether you want them to be send to your home-address in the Netherlands or if you want to pick them up at our house in Haarlem or at our work at Delft, The Hague or Amsterdam.

When you want the T-shirts send to your home address in the Netherlands, we would like to ask you to add the shipping costs in the Netherlands on top of the 20 Euro’s for the T-shirt. So a total of: 22,70 euro

If you don’t live in the Netherlands but are eager to purchase 1 or more T-shirts, let us know by sending an email – we will try to find out how much shipping to your country will cost.

Are you wearing an AmIanDeisgner T-shirt this spring?


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