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DESIGN THINKING IN EDUCATION is a 3-day masterclass that will introduce you to the concept of Design Thinking in education and will help you use the design process to create and facilitate more meaningful education programs for you, your school or institution and your students. We strongly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’, so this masterclass will be a high energy and hands-on event that will ensure that you experience how it is for a participant to be subjected to Design Thinking in education. Jeroen Spoelstra and Boukje Vastbinder of AmIaDesigner (AIaD) is both a company and a community focusing on using Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation to help individuals, companies, NGO’s, schools and universities see the problems they face as opportunities to make a positive impact. Together Jeroen and Boukje also have more than 10 years of experience in education (BSc and MSc level), where they have been applying the designer’s process, mindset and tools to the design of individual courses, tools and even whole education programs.

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? This 3-day program educates you the basics of how to design your own education based on your own strengths, how you can involve your students in the design and evaluation of your education programs and what your options are to really implementing these ideas within your education institute. This will be achieved through small informal lectures, workshops, brainstorms and discussions. Furthermore, during the master class you will become more experienced in applying Design Thinking principles like empathy, storytelling and iteration and tools like the Business Model Canvas or Customer Journey, which we adapted to an educational setting especially for this workshop.  The masterclass will help you develop creative confidence and will provide you with a network of other educators with similar interests.

WHO SHOULD JOIN THE MASTER CLASS PROGRAM? This masterclass is aiming at both educators that work in an educational institute (Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences) as well as trainers in a business setting. Do you want to learn more about Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation, but also want to be able to apply and facilitate these processes themselves within new and existing education programs, then this masterclass might be for you!

BACKGROUND INFORMATION For several years Design Thinking has helped organizations and individuals in the public and private sectors to innovate and grow. However it has mostly been a process reserved for a selected group of professional designers and large for-profit companies and is still traditionally aimed at maximizing financial profits. AmIaDesigner aims to change this and is bringing the power of Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation to individuals and organizations that want to make a difference in the world and are looking for the tools to help them do that sustainably. In order to accomplish this we developed a program to help educators in introducing Design Thinking principles in education, because we believe in the power of schools, teachers and students in making a difference in the future. The program is divided into 3 days: ‘hear’, ‘create’ and ‘implement’ and contains elements of all 3 phases within the innovation processes: research, design and implementation. The Research phase is about analyzing and researching your existing work. In this phase you will look at the needs and hopes of students, what do they want? What do they desire? What are their learning/educational problems that need to be solved? The Design phase is about developing and testing new solutions. In this phase you generate as much ideas as possible for incorporating innovation in your own education programs. You will learn to think out of the box and look at which ideas are feasible by planning to prototype and test these ideas with students/educators. The Implementation phase is about implementing your new solutions by building on entrepreneurship principles. All of this within the context of Design Thinking, which will also provide the mindset in which the whole training will be provided.


Language:  English
Venue: DesignThinkers Academy, Herengracht 265, 1016 BJ Amsterdam and the Knowmads Business School, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 64, 1061 HW, Amsterdam , the Netherlands
Dates: For new dates or an in-house masterclass please contact us.
Max. participants: 15
Ticket Price: Early Bird Ticket Price € 795, Regular Ticket Price € 895, =.
There is also a possibility to register just for day 1 the Introductory of the Master Class, Ticket Price € 295, = (all prices are including lunch, snacks and drinks)*

For more information or registration contact us via  EMAIL

*Invoice will be sent upon reservation. Cancellation policy: one month in advance 50% refund, cancellation after that period no refund. Tickets may be passed on to another person with written approval of the organizer. *21% VAT not included for Dutch based companies or private persons and for private persons without VAT number outside the Netherlands based in Europe.