towards Human Centered Innovation


The HCI Canvasses

Take on your own human centered challenges! Empower yourself and your teammates, your fellow students, your neighborhood. Take on the global social challenges by starting small in your own surroundings.

  • Do you want to experience a Human Centered Innovation process?
  • Do you have a problem and you don’t know where to start with your (design) research?
  • Do you have a problem and now you want to design a solution for that problem?
  • Do you have a solution that you want to implement?

The Human Centered Innovation (HCI) Canvasses help you design and implement your human centered solutions.

Download the HEAR Canvas here

Download the CREATE Canvas here

Download the IMPLEMENT Canvas here

And this is how you put a canvas together

Construct your canvas









More information about the Human Centered Innovation process and about the use of the HCI Canvasses can be found here