towards Human Centered Innovation

Should we work for free

When should you work for free?

During our trip we had quite some discussions about paying for services offered by Human Centered Designers like ourselves. The...
What is poverty

What is poverty?

During our stay in Kenya, Tanzania and Indonesia we had the change to talk to a lot to locals about...
Local co creation

Co – creation with the physically challenged in Kisumu, Kenya

The first weeks in Kenya is a beautiful but confronting experience. The contrasts between Kenya and the Netherlands are huge....
SD & Poverty

How can Service Design help poverty reduction?

Cultural differences and long-term thinking In order to understand more about the methods we use on our quest, how they...
Dive into the

Dive into the world of….

The take off of our big journey is nearby. But we are already busy with our research project. We have...


From November 2012 until April 2013 we are traveling the world and spend some time on all five continents in...