What do we do?

AmIaDesigner (AIaD) helps individuals, companies and organizations to see the problems they face as opportunities to make a positive impact. Our playground is the globe, because we believe that everyone in the world should have access to tools, the right support and network that can help them solve their own problems, big or small. The main tools we are using are Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation.

We are intending to use our services, knowledge and growing community of designers to reach 4 different target groups with different value propositions involving Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation: organizations, educational institutes, individuals and other designers within self-initiated projects. What all these target groups have in common is that they want to shake up the status quo and believe they can make a difference.

We provide consultancy and in-house training to existing companies and ngo’s that want to become more human centered and innovative in their approach and/or want their employees to become design thinkers/ in-house innovators.

Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands – Agri Meets Design

Dutch agriculture sector is world-class, innovative and constantly developing their knowledge about agriculture. At the same time the food production system needs a fundamental re-design to ensure good quality of life in the future. The Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands sees a role for designers in this process of change. They set up the project Agri Meets Design where professionals working in agriculture, are linked to several designers to co-design this change in several projects. AmIaDesigner designs and executes a project in the agricultural education focusing on sharing knowledge and celebrating success stories in the educational domain within the Dutch agriculture. In this project AmIaDesigner works together with fellow designer Marieke van Dijk member of the DesignThinkersGroup.

Check www.agrimeetsdesign.com for more information.

Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development (AASD) – Vision/Business coaching

The Andean Alliance (AASD) exists to raise the standard of living for indigenous Peruvians in high altitude communities. All projects – including their flagship greenhouse program – address a specific community need and are designed to be educational, collaborative, and participatory. The fundamental difference between the AASD and other NGOs is that they use the collective intelligence of stakeholders and scholars to address the unique needs of each community and don’t use a one-size for all approach. But this also means that it is hard for this small organization to fit within existing funding programs or to organize themselves like other NGOs. AmIaDesigner organized some sessions with the AASD in the Peruvian mountains to review their vision, existing funding model and organizational structure and helped with redesigning these as well.

Check www.alianzaandina.org for more information.

Lecture/ Workshops/ Debates

We provide individual lectures, workshops and debates for different organizations about Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation. These are often half a day or one day sessions on different topics within Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation.

If you want to hire us for a day to inspire your employees, students, colleagues etc. send us an e-mail

We provide educational programs or teach-the-teacher programs to educational institutes that want their students to become design thinkers/ social innovators.

Inholland Univeristy of Applied Sciences – The Netherlands

AmIaDesigner co-develops the new rigorous bachelor program International Business Innovation Study (IBIS). IBIS is aimed at providing the business world and society with agents of innovation who can help the business they work for to survive and thrive in this age of rapid change. AmIaDesigner not only develops the design thinking and human centered education in the curriculum but also provides training for the educators to use design thinking in their education and tools that help develop this new bachelor program.

Check www.inholland.nl/ibis for more information.

Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas(UPC) – Peru

This fast growing (30.000 students in the next 3 years) Peruvian University in Lima wants every student that studies at the university, regardless what program they follow, to have the knowledge and skills to use Design Thinking and Human Centered Innovation during their projects. AmIaDesigner trains the teachers not only in Design Thinking and Human Centered Design, but also provides the tools and the educational mindset for the teachers to transfer this to their students.

Check www.upc.edu.pe for more information.

We help individuals that want to tackle a problem, to create a solution and really implement this.

DesignThinkers Academy – Masterclass DesignThinking in Education

In collaboration with the DesignThinkers Academy in Amsterdam we offer a masterclass in Design Thining in Education. AmIaDesigner developed this 3-day Master Class that will introduce educators and trainers to the concepts of Design Thinking in education and will help them use the design process to create and facilitate more meaningful education programs for you, your school or institution and your students. AmIaDesigner strongly believes in ‘Learning by Doing’, so the Design Thinking in Education Master Class will be a high energy and hands-on event that will ensure that you experience how it is for a participant to be subjected to Design Thinking in education.

Check www.designthinkersacademy.com for more information.

Initiate our own programs that tackle social issues we encounter in our everyday life. In collaborating with local partners and other designers we would love to find and implement solutions to problems like depths, discrimination, bureaucracy etc. By doing this ourselves we want to give something back but to society but this will also ensure that we and our community will have the experience in innovative processes not only as facilitators, consultants and trainers, but also as practitioners and that our tools stay revised and up to date as well.

Designing AIaD materials and merchandise

As soon as we started talking about AIaD materials and merchandise it was very clear for us that we didn’t want to design new products with a negative impact on society and nature. We decided that all the physical products designed by AmIaDesigner would need to have a positive impact or shouldn’t be produced at all. Our latest edition to the collection is a plastic shopper used to hold the Design Thinking toolkit distributed and used during our upcoming masterclasses. The shopper was made in collaboration with the Peruvian organization Life Out Of Plastic (LOOP) and consist of 20 recycled plastic bottles. With the profit LOOP makes on the bags they will clean-up a beach in Lima from plastic debris.

Check www.lifeoutofplastic.com for more information.

Making the HCI canvasses available for free

As part of our companies strategy we want to enlarge the societal footprint of what we design as much as possible. That made us decide to design the HCI canvasses in a way that as much people as possible can understand them, print/copy them and therefor use them to create a change in their own communities. Are you interested in using the HCI canvasses don’t hesitate to download them.