Which Are The CNC Precision Machine Types Available?

by Michael M.

Quality is crucial for precision machining. Thus, if you are looking to outsource the services of precision machining manufacturers, ensure that quality is not compromised. Precision machining is a procedure that revolves around the shaping of raw materials to final products through processes such as removing excess materials as directed by a Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) or Computer-Aided Design (CAD) blueprint. In addition, manufacturers use CNC precision in the production of various materials and processes. Furthermore, there are several CNC precision machine types; here are five types.

5 types of CNC precision machine

1. CNC milling machines

CNC milling machine is essential for CNC milling to take place. The milling process entails using rotary cutters to clear off excess materials, a piece that needs machining. Furthermore, various mills such as; helical mills, end mills, and chamfer mills are used. Additionally, some of the CNC mills involved in the precision machining procedures include; plain milling machines, hand milling machines, universal milling machines, and universal milling machines. The CNC milling machines consist of either a vertical orientation or a horizontal orientation. 

2. CNC drilling machine

CNC drilling machines can perform several roles in the machining center; thus, they can turn or mill. The critical point to note is that CNC drilling is often used for high-volume production. CNC drilling is a procedure that utilizes revolving multi-point drill bits to develop cylindrical-shaped holes on a workpiece. The drill bits design makes it possible to chipping off the raw material. Thus the CNC drilling machine is a precise machining machine that allows all drilled holes to be very neat. Examples of drill bits include; peck drills, spotting drills chucking reamers, and screw machine drills. 

3. Electrical Discharge Mining (EDM) machine

 The EDM precise machining procedure utilizes electrical discharges to get a final product. The process that the EDM machine is involved in is; spark eroding, spark machining, wire erosion, or die sinking. 

4. CNC turning machine

The CNC turning machine manufacturing procedures involve raw materials being positioned in a chunk and revolved around while the piece is supplied with a tool. The purpose of the machine is to remove excess materials to obtain the needed shape. The best merit of the CNC turning machine is that it is programmed to cut off materials to get a specific form. Furthermore, the device is involved in subtraction machining needed to get the required shape.

5. Grinding machines

Grinding machines are usually involved in the precision manufacturing process. The machine can be used on prototypes that require tight tolerances and for metal parts. Furthermore, the device has a spinning wheel comprised of bonded abrasive elements used to remove materials from raw material until the required specification and shape are obtained. The grinding process is best used to produce large and tiny metal parts that need very tight tolerances. An example of components produced by the grinding machine includes; scientific instruments, aerospace parts, and medical devices.


Precision machining is crucial in the development of prototypes. The necessity of precision machining is essential for certain sector parts, such as the medical sector that requires high-precise parts. Thus, the machine used for precision machining is crucial in determining the quality of the prototype you need.

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