Brief Overview of MCTRL 660 Independent Controller

by Michael M.

The MCTRL660 is an independent controller developed by Novastar, has a maximum loading capacity of 1920×1200@60Hz for a single controller. Within this device, numerous controllers can get arranged through the RS232 port for a steady uniform control.

MCTRL660 works with a modern composition for a smart screen format without a computer. The configuration can be done within 30 seconds. Manual screen brightness adjustment makes the system fast and convenient. Lastly, these devices are mainly used in concerts, security monitoring systems, and sports centers.


a. High Image Quality

It creates a more real and detailed image by using an increased color expression. The images created have good depth due to all-round brightness. Meaning, if quality images is your thing, MCTRL 660 got you covered.

b. Ultra-low latency

Low latency of less than 1ms ensures high-quality display of images

c. Mirroring and rotation

This allows cool, bright, flexible, and creative stage effects

d. Easy Switch

Has dual working modes such as sending card and fiber converter. Switching between modes makes long-distance transmission fast; this saves on costs and ensures the needed output’s convenience.

e. Stable and secure

The controller has a one-click backup and recovery that easily recovers configurations in case of sudden failure.

f. HDMI Support

This is the only control system that supports the input of 12-bit high-definition multimedia interfaced and high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP).

g. Screen configuration

The system can support screen configuration anytime without the use of a computer.

h. Led configuration

MCTRL 660 operates on an automatic LED screen configuration. The implementation of white balance on different screens promotes real color production.


a. Input

The DVI IN has a single-link connector and is supported by different standard resolutions that range from the highest of 1024 ×768@ (24/30/48/50/60/72/75/85/100/120) Hz to 2560×1600@ (24/30) Hz as defined. Custom resolution is also supported.

HDMI IN supports the custom resolution and standard resolutions.

Has an audio connector input

b. Output

It has a maximum loading capacity of a single ethernet port and supports redundancy between ports.

Has 4 Ethernet ports and supports redundancy between them.

Maximum loading of 650,000pixels for a single Ethernet

c. Monitor

MCTRL 660 allows direct monitor connection, but if the input exceeds monitor resolution, it will be scaled and displayed on the monitor’s top-left.

d. Control

Has type B USB port for connection to the PC

UART IN for in-flow devices

UART OUT output flow of up to 20 controllers

e. Power

100V-240V AC


The MCTRL660 independent controller had a loading capacity of up to 1920×1200Hz. Users can customize resolutions to fit large screens.

The controller has been equipped with advanced technologies like:

  • Image mirroring for great stage effects
  • Dual working modes
  • Single tap for backup and recovery during sudden failures
  • Ultra-high color depths present images with clearer details and quality
  • Screen debugging can be completed within 30seconds
  • Has a web controller and monitors inputs
  • Controls color image in low greyscale and white balance, thus improving image quality
  • It is flicker-free hence no scanning lines.
  • Supports screen configuration without the use of computer
  • The only control system that supports HDMI input and HDCP

Final Thoughts

The MCTRL 660 Independent Controller is definitely your ideal video controller. It adopts a special innovative architecture to help implement smart screen configuration usually without the application of a computer. This allows a screen configuration in just about 30 seconds. Over and above, it also allows a user to adjust the screen’s brightness faster and conveniently.

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