How To Become a Professional Model Maker

by Michael M.

Being a Model maker is all about creating small scales of larger projects. It could be a hospital, a school, a shopping mall, an office, or housing developments.

The job of professional model makers has become so useful over the years. This is because unlike blueprints, they give an exact representation of what the proposed building will look like.

Models are more effective in Presentations because they are more detailed. A contractor can use it to persuade a government board to increase the prices of making a building or carrying out a project.

Educational and Training Requirements of Professional Model Makers

There is no particular type of training required for entry into this field. It just requires a basic High school knowledge of mechanical drawing, drafting, shop, and fine arts. Students can add to their wealth of experience by working with an architectural firm during the holidays.

Getting a Job as a Professional Model Maker

As a model maker, the two most important companies you can work with are architectural firms and model-making companies. Most times, architectural firms hire model makers temporarily. They don’t keep permanent staff because their services are not needed constantly.

Most model makers are employed by numerous companies that deal with model making and creating charts. They make charts that are useful in presentations for governments and businesses.

Most model firms are located in the cities. If you are ever in need of one, you can consult the Yellow Pages. This yellow page contains such information about company’s names snd address.

Other source of job information include Internet job banks, newspaper classifieds, state employment offices and placement officers at art schools.

Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

For model makers who are fully qualified, advancement is normally in the form of higher earnings. Only very few good model makers eventually centure into their own firms.

Competition for Employment in the Architectural modeling world is a bit more difficult than what you get elsewhere. Most of the professionals in this field use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a three-dimensional views to model structures.

The competition dosent make it easy for newbies in the industry. At the end of the day, only those with the greatest talent, skill and desire have better chances of being employed.

Working Conditions

Most of their works are carried out in spacious offices with adequate lighting. They may work privately in a small office or publicly in a much larger office shared by others. Modeling is a detailed job that requires precision therefore a good eye and steady hands are important. Color is another essential element for a model maker.

Most times, models are made in bits and different parts are made by different persons. This job also requires having the ability to work well with other.

Earnings and Benefits

The amount of money a person makes as a model maker depends on a lot of factors such as size of the company, workers skill snd geographical location. Full time model markers earns between $24,000 and $35,000 per annum. Additionally, they have other benefits including pension plans, health insurance and paid vacations.


Becoming a Professional model maker is a very lucrative job that comes with an even more interesting pay. Another good thing about it is that it dosent demand much to become qualified for the job.

All you need is a basic knowledge of mechanical drawing, drafting and fine arts.

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