Major Leading Applications Of Small Induction Furnace

by Michael M.

Small induction heating technology is becoming a trend for home appliances and industrial applications. This article looks at the advanced applications of asmall-induction-furnace, such as bonding in construction.

1. Loosening bolts and hardware 

An induction furnace is mostly used in situations where it is difficult to loosen a seized nut or bolt. Heating the nut using the furnace makes the metal expand, freeing the seized bolt. However, using a small furnace in confined areas is dangerous and may damage surrounding parts, such as wire harnesses, fuel lines, or plastic materials. Induction furnaces are mostly applied in aircraft mechanics where using a flame is not recommended.

2. Induction Levitation

It is easier to levitate a material due to Lenz’s law. When an induction furnace is introduced to a constantly changing magnetic field, a current is induced, creating an opposing field. The same applies to dropping a strong magnet down a copper pipe. 

3. Hardening Steel

A small induction furnace is sometimes used to harden low carbon steel parts cryogenically. The final material produced comes with a ductile inner core and a hard outer shell. Induction case hardening is most applicable in parts that require impact and abrasion resistance. This process can be used to harden gears, lock shackles firing pins, self-drilling screws, and engine camshafts.

4. Making Induction Cooktops

An induction furnace can be used to make coil attachments for cooking. This works by pulsing the direct current at a frequency of about 160 kHz. A constantly changing magnetic field is created instantly, and it induces eddy currents into a cast-iron skillet. An induction furnace is more effective compared to any other material because it wastes less heat. 

5. Making an induction Kiln for Melting Metals

An induction furnace can make a kiln for melting metals. In this case, you need to melt pieces of aluminum in a 1000W induction furnace attached with graphite crucible. This method works by pulsing the direct current at a higher frequency. The effect creates a constantly changing magnetic field that induces eddy currents in the graphite crucible. Graphite is the perfect susceptor in this case because it can absorb electromagnetic fields and convert them into heat.

Tip: a susceptor is a material used because electromagnetic fields can get absorbed by it before they are converted into heat energy.

6. Making an Induction Solder Pot

Another great application of a small induction furnace would be using it as a solder pot. In this case, you need some materials for a standard 1000W induction solder pot. For instance, you need a steel conduit coupler, a steel plug wrapped with fiberglass-infused aerogel. Accordingly, you might need a litz coil and a graphite crucible. 

Final word 

Another perfect application of a small induction furnace is in a tankless water heater. An induction coil is placed around a pipe to heat water that passes through it. Accordingly, the furnace can be used for wireless charging and powering appliances. 

This article shows just how much a small induction furnace can be helpful. With the rise of induction heating technology in home and industrial appliances, this small gadget can serve more than one purpose.

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