What Are The Components Of A Labeling Head?

by Michael M.

Shangai Consung is one of the main manufacturers of labeling machines. Visit the official company website or get there to check out the available products. An automatic labeling machine is a device used to place labels on various products like bottles, cans, and cartons. They are used to automate the labeling process, not to depend on human labor, which is prone to error. An automatic labeling machine is made up of a wide range of components. Such components include the chassis, display, conveyor, and tray. The machine also features a component known as the labeling head, which we will discuss in this post.

What is the labeling head?

The labeling head, also known as the labeling applicator, is where the labels are placed on the container or product surface. It is arguably the most important component of an automatic labeling machine.

The components of a labeling head

The labeling head is made up of a wide range of parts. Below are some of these parts;

1. The drive roller

This is the workhorse of the labeling head. It is found on every auto-labeler. The component works by pulling the web backing. This starts and stops the sequence of labeling. Note that most of these components may differ from one automatic labeling machine to the other. However, it is pretty much the same in all auto-labelers when it comes to the drive roller. The only different element may be in the way the roller is operated and stopped.

2. The label sensor

This is the part of the labeling head that is used to detect the gaps existing between labels. It works as a way of controlling the system to start the label stop sequence. In some models, the label sensor usually comes with an electro-mechanical switch and a comparative sensor. The role of this component is to help adjust the performance of the product by changing the label stock.

3. The peeling plate

The role of the peel plate is to separate the label from the backing paper. It operates so that the web breaks sharply over the plate as the label continues to print on a straight line. This part is mandatory in every automatic labeling machine.

4. The dancer’s arm

This component’s role is to allow for smooth labels to start. It helps maintain the web tension. It also acts as a brake for stopping the web unwind from overfeeding. The type and the mode of operation of the dancer’s arm differ from one machine model to the next.

5. The controls

All automatic labeling machines usually come with controls. Most automatic labeling machines come with more than one control. The number of controls differs from one model to the next. The trick is to understand the role of each control before you start using the automatic labeling machine.


Each of the parts mentioned above plays a significant role in the performance of the labeling head. Their performance also affects the result of the labeling process. For this reason, when choosing the best labeling machine, it would help if you understood the performance of these parts and their functions.

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