Why dry running a pump is dangerous

by Michael M.

Having a pump is crucial. So what does it mean to dry run a pump? Well, it means exactly what its name suggests. Dry running a pump is a process where the pump is actually run without any form of liquid to ensure efficiency.

There are several reasons why your pump should never be run dry. Let’s consider some of them.


If you really want to avoid overheating, then you should stay completely away from dry running. It not only causes overheating but also leads to a host of other problems.

It’s really not worth the stress at the end of the day.

Vibration Problems

Another issue that can arise from running a pump dry is vibration issues. When this happens, it has a direct impact on the lifespan of the seal’s life.

The end result will be spending additional money to fix whatever is bad. That’s a negative for your business if you ask me.

Melting of the rear Housing

The quickest way to mess up the rear housing is by dry running the pump. When you do this, a hole will slowly appear which always leads to leakage.

Another result will be the deformation of the boss area. This will reduce the stationary position of the shaft. This eventually leads to long time damage on your impeller and even a breakage on the shaft. It’s definitely not a good condition to find yourself in.

Melting of the impeller

Another thing that will most likely happen is your impeller melting away. Because of its proximity to the shaft, you are going to face a problem. The impeller will most likely melt right into the shaft and seize. Once this happens, your impeller will stop its rotation.

Fixing this problem will take a long time and should be best avoided.

Reasons why dry running a pump might happen

There are some reasons why a pump might run dry. Most times, it can simply be a case of not venting it well enough. It can also be a case of using the wrong steam. The steam that has been used for flushing the tank should be kept far away from the pump.

Talking about tanks, remember that when the weather is cold and harsh, it’s very like that the vents are going to get frozen.

This can eventually lead to the collapse of the tank.

There are of course other dangers that your pump might face. Sometimes, a pump might get overheated because of the absence of an automatic recirculation valve. If you do not have one, you should get one as soon as you can.

Keeping your pump maintained and wet with the right liquid is the right step to follow. Dry running your pump will just lead to a lot of problems.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! If you have a business and want to progress, dry running your pump should never be done. The end results are just not worth the experiment. Get all that your pump needs to function effectively.

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